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ain’t chicken shit

But many are.

Left with a creative task to uniquely introduce themselves, most ‘agencies’ do anything but. Guilty of the same regurgitated words and meaningless bullshit jargon, the so-called ‘marketers’ are the most unoriginal thinkers in their own game of word bingo. Too scared to think for themselves. Too chicken shit to cross that road.

Words like engagement, story-telling, disruption, narrative, user experiences and strategy. Now slap some pretty pictures and use a template video and there you have it. A battery-hen agency is born.

Not that there’s a pecking order, (ahem) but that’s not an agency, nor one you should let your brand near. Ask yourself, what’s your brand really worth?

Yeah, we admit a team of talking chickens might be off the spectrum, but at least we’re free thinkers and an original. And while others are talking up their recycled stories of creative inspiration, we don’t. We actually think with our clients, not for them. We work from their heart, while we give them ours. And we don’t copy. We create. And no matter how much we try, we can’t be anything but original (and unflappable).

Picture this.

if agency land is full of creative battery hens, then we’re the plucky, free-range, (humble) alternative.

Cluck yeah.








the other side

Whether it’s time to change or time to challenge, we’re up for the chance. Our clients are all shapes and sizes, and we love working with anyone who isn’t afraid of following their hearts and using their head.

It’s where Creative and Critical collaboration meet.

Imagine that.


buncha’ good eggs.

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