5 Reasons you need social media, you just don’t know it yet

Wednesday 29th, April 2015

by Lucille Burkitt


Let us begin by saying, that if you’ve come this far without social media, you’re already in hot water. The benefits of having an active social media presence are abundant, and without one you could be losing out on priceless promotion. But don’t let that panic you… yet. Here are five reasons you need it.

Word of mouth. It’s the most original social platform and still the most powerful influence over buyer decisions. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising, making online sharing between potential customers pure advertising gold. If consumers value word of mouth, and business owners agree that it’s effective, then why is your brand ignoring the biggest chance to leverage it?

Size matters. 49% of all Australians check Facebook on a daily basis.  If you had any lingering doubts, statistically speaking – social media is too large to ignore. So don’t. Facebook is presently the biggest platform to compete against other businesses in a similar market to you, in directly targeting the clients or consumers you most want to attract. If you’re not on it, you’re not in the game.

You’re late to the party. Some businesses have had years learning to adapt to social media, listen to their customers and adopt best practice when it comes to being in the lime light. There are now over 30 million businesses on Facebook, a figure that has doubled since last year. Every day you’re not on social media is a day competitors are gaining your potential clients.

Integrate your campaigns. Social media works hand in hand with your current marketing campaigns. Traditional and digital media reaches the masses with print ads, billboards and online content. Let your media tell the story and continue the conversation on social. Plant the seed for customers to find out more, and let your social media persona be the platform customers go to for more information.

Cost effectiveness. For the social exposure, the market penetration, the analytical tools and the positive word of mouth your brand will receive (just to name a few), social media marketing is some of the best value for money that you’ll find online. $25 dollars could get you approximately 30 clicks on Google Adwords, or alternatively, with the right content and strategy, up to 150 clicks on Facebook. No competition, really.

You might have just had a social media epiphany and realised your brand is suffering from a serious case of ‘behind the times’. How to start tackling it?

Well, you’re in the right place.