6 viral ads we loved last year

Wednesday 22nd, April 2015

by Lucille Burkitt


Being in the ad industry, we follow ad campaigns like the lonely follow cat videos. Needless to say, we’re totally ad-dicted. From social media campaigns to TV ads, there’s nothing better than being exposed to a 30 second clip, a piece of copy, or an image that makes you say ‘what a great ad,’ to anyone around you who’ll listen. So, in case you missed them through 2014, here’s a list of last year’s ads that we think are top notch.

Dumb ways to die? More like genius ways to advertise! Not only did this ongoing ad win a truckload of awards, it’s the cutest ad about dying (or not dying) that our campaign hungry eyes have ever feasted on. No one looks at the yellow tape on normal ‘don’t do this stupid thing’ campaigns, but with an integrated app, super catchy tune and bouncing blobs promoting everyday stupidity, you’re onto a total winner. We won’t be sticking a fork in the toaster anytime soon, that’s for sure.

First Kiss went mental within days of its release, clocking up over 70 million views, promoting the company Wren. The viral three minute clip split opinions, prompting either love or loath reactions to complete strangers sharing an intimidate moment for the first time. For some it was an intimate look into desire, for others, three minutes of flashbacks to watching people make out in the corner of a club.

Old Spice has been acing YouTube advertising for years now, and has hit another winner with last year’s Bondi Hipster addition, a character with a beard that we currently are all too accustomed to. Don your top knots and your facial hair, because even the Bondi Hipster uses Old Spice. This self deprecating Australian humour is an A-plus example of creative advertising, and it hit home at the right time, to the right crowd. We loved it.

Whether it’s shampoo or coffee, Aldi has spent the entire year finding new and hilarious ways to advertise in a usually saturated market place. Their branding strategy and adaptations of usually heavily advertised products are not only humorous, but a refreshing message to the usual ‘maybe she’s born with it’ beauty campaigns. They don’t need George Clooney to advertise their coffee blend, just a man in a morph suit covered in coffee pods. Needless to say we loved it a latte.

While Monty the Penguin isn’t promoting an Australian company, nor was it run on Australian television, it has still managed to capture the hearts and minds of all who viewed it online. An ad that can take you back to your childhood, or inspire the wonder of Christmas as a child would see it, is surely a beautiful thing.


New social media platforms and new marketing initiatives have taken online marketing and ad campaigns to a whole new level, with brands sporting promotional material on Vine, Instagram and Snapchat accounts. One of the most memorable of the year was definitely Ellen’s selfie, going viral on Twitter and Instagram within hours of it being taken. And as an added branding bonus, most consumers weren’t even aware that the selfie was a paid Samsung promotion, making the branding seem organic and natural. Win, win.

Did we miss an ad you’ve been frothing over all year?