Backstreet’s Back: The rebrand resurrection

Tuesday 12th, May 2015

by Lucille Burkitt


The Backstreet Boys performed in Brisbane over the weekend. Not going to lie, we wanted to be there. Dave has already expressed his desire to serenade ‘As long as you love me’ to anyone willing. One thing’s for certain – they’re riding on the nostalgia of their 90s audience (that bracket of 24-45 ladies who can’t get enough of them). Unfortunately though, aside from nostalgias sake, there’s no chance of them resurrecting their brand into a market of One Direction loving youngsters. Sorry guys, looks like we’re the only ones hoping for that miracle.

But, it did get us to thinking about all the opinions we have of brands that have had an audience of generations or have recently come back from the dead. With the advertising landscape changing so dramatically since the dawn of the digital age, brands have had to learn how to listen to their customers, figure out how to best reach them, and adjust their business strategy accordingly. Here are five brands that did a stellar job at it.


Polaroid actually intended on ceasing their traditional production in 2008 to focus on digital business, until their instant mini was published in the Vanity Fair ‘must have list’ over the Christmas period, in 2012. Since then they have been unable to maintain supply for the demand they’ve experienced.

2.Old Spice

If you get a chance, ask your father or grandfather his opinion about Old Spice. We can guarantee you the first thought that comes to mind won’t be a man on a horse, or the man your man could smell like. Daggy as it was, Old Spice was rehabilitated by the beauty of viral marketing.


Polaroid isn’t the only brand who has awakened to the value in vintage products. Volkswagen, the ‘people wagon’ of the past, was known as a mid range family car. Now, the Volkswagen Kombi is in high demand since it ended production, and new luxury models of their vintage Beetle start at around $35, 000.

4.Mother Energy

People said it tasted like feet. (It did, it tasted like feet) Thankfully they did something about it, the only way they could. They addressed how gross their original product was and did a complete over hall. They marked “New. Nothing like the old one” on every can, and now it’s the second highest selling energy drink in Australia. Bravo. (We’re also really loving their new re-brand for the pub/club scene).


And we couldn’t forget Apple. There aren’t enough words on the page to fully bask in the wonder of the Apple comeback. (As many as there were… the return of Jobs, the iPod mini and that terrible see-through multicolored iMac).

So, if your brand isn’t doing so well in the current digital marketing climate, don’t do a Backstreet Boys and cling to the past. Find new and interactive ways to engage your customers, and make a comeback of your own.