Co-Branding Concoctions: Triumphs & #fails

Friday 29th, May 2015

by Lucille Burkitt


If you haven’t heard about the controversial pairing of both Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and Vegemite Spread, you’ve obviously been living in some sort of alternate reality for the past few weeks. All that fresh air has gone to your head and you’ve clearly forgotten to check your social media for days on end. Quick, get back online, you’re missing out on life.

For those of you who are aware of the newest celebrity couple, you’ll know that Australia has since been divided into two very important groups: those who want to put Vegemite in their chocolate for the rest of their natural born lives… and those who really, really don’t.

With all the romance between brand identities lately, we thought we’d take a quick trip down the memory lane of savvy co-branding and see which companies have had some serious success out of their co-branding partnerships.

co-branding image

Cadbury Dairy Milk & Kraft Vegemite 

No one has been able to keep their knickers on about this collaboration since the rumours started flying. After the #fail Kraft Vegemite saw over iSnack 2.0, we thought they were never coming back. But here they are, disgusting Australians one block of chocolate at a time. Bravo Vegemite.

Nike & Apple 

In one of the very first attempts at bringing music and exercise together (a total no brainer), Nike and Apple joined forces in a famous collaboration that had our shoes talking wireless to our iPods.

Bonne Bell LipSmackers & Coca Cola 

Let’s just wind the clock back ten of fifteen years to when we were the total sh*t at school for having one of these babies. As an absolute favourite co-branding relationship among girls all over the country, it ended up as Bonne Bell’s most famous branding collaboration. Now, where can we get one in time for winter?

Ben & Jerry’s & New Belgium Beer 

We’re sorry, try as we might, we really can’t think of a better alliance than beer and ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s limited release Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale had DirtyChook at hello (and the entire social media landscape, might we add). It’s pegged to be released this spring, so keep your ear to the ground and your lips to the neck of the bottle.

So, quickly, run out and buy yourself some Vegemite chocolate and see what all the fuss is about. Regardless of how it tastes, the brand exposure was definitely  worth the strategic partnership. And with your brand powers combined…