USA Tradition vs Aussie Tradition – Does trick or treat stop a nation?

Wednesday 26th, October 2016

by Meredith McLean


Halloween is next week and Melbourne Cup is out the gates November 1st. This is the first time it’s taking place the day after Halloween since 2011.

Halloween is a funny thing for Australians – some enjoy it, others despise it in favour of their anti-American ways. Whatever side you sit on, we all know it’s not as Aussie as our Melbourne Cup and yet they both present marketing opportunities for your brand. Should you be going for headless horsemen or winning horsemen? We did a side by side comparison on different ways you can use these events to your brand’s advantage.

Same brand, different message. Sometimes artwork speaks louder than copy. 


At least it’s universally understood what’s important – The Beer. But perhaps we’ll never understand which one is less likely to mess with your market’s head?



But the best part? Get yourself a brand that can do both. That’s right – there is a horse in Melbourne Cup this year called ‘Big Orange’. Coincidence? We think neigh.