We’re talking about your obvious Facebook dependency. Yes… you.

Friday 22nd, May 2015

by Lucille Burkitt


Forget breakfast, there’s another feed we’re far more interested in first thing in the morning. A recent study shows that 90% of people under the age of 30 check their Facebook when they first wake up. A digital marketers dream!

So how far gone are you? Here’s 10 tell tale signs that you’re on the brink of addiction.

1.You’re reading this hoping to prove that you’re not.

Yeah… good luck with that.

2.You’ve set your default homepage to Facebook

No, not because it’s convenient, but because you spend more time on Facebook than you spend with the people you actually live with. Home is where the heart is, after all.

3.You freak out because the internet went down

So in lieu of your daily Instagram ‘feed’ you just start asking people in the office to describe their lunch to you. But that’s normal… right?

4.You ran out to buy the Apple Watch 

Obviously just so you can keep up with your ‘social’ life while you’re at work, in important meetings and on the road.

And by important meetings we mean, meaningful conversations with your work mates, and by on the road we mean, while you sleep, eat, and are avoiding doing any work between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. But important none the less.

5.Your Facebook friends know your life choices before anyone else does 

Your wife just went into labour? Forget cutting the umbilical cord people, post that s**t on Facebook.

6.Someone in the office mentions a statistic that seems ridiculous to them. That 7 in 10 people are on social media while they’re working.

You discreetly close your browser ASAP. Good call. No one wants their addiction being lugged in with a statistic.

7.Your job is in Communications, but we all know they mean ‘Facebook extraordinaire’, right?

No?… Just me?

8.You Facebook, therefore you are

Because if you didn’t post daily, how would anyone know you’re alive?!

9.You speak in hash tags


10.You checked your Facebook while reading this article.

It’s okay… I checked ours while I wrote it.