We think you’ll find this Pinteresting

Monday 4th, May 2015

by Lucille Burkitt


Have you been ignoring Pinterest as a suitable communication platform for your business? This new development may change your mind. As of last week, Pinterest launched new business services that will change how marketers use it as a social platform.

We’ve all come to know Pinterest as a breeding ground for everything arts, crafts, food, photography and DIY.  We’ve seen businesses thrive in this environment. Companies like Chobani, Etsy, Mashable and HTC Mobile have found success on Pinterest through exclusive product launches, photo based give aways, and product promotions; a benefit to them, given that all brand engagement and popularity is user generated. But, it’s just been made even easier for businesses to succeed on this platform.

Pinterest have now introduced an API (just like Facebook and Twitter) that allows businesses to show their most popular pins on their business website, in real time.  What does this mean for your business? You can show website visitors what is most popular and most shared, by other customers. Nothing like an organic supply of word of mouth straight to your website (and we don’t need to explain again how important that is!). If customers see something they like, no need to stop them from browsing your content and offers, they can now pin things they like directly from your website.

“With the right Pin, you can inspire someone to take action, whether that’s saving an idea for later or making a purchase from your website,” states corporate Pinterest blogger, Jyri Kidwell.

With developments like this, Pinterest will move away from the DIY conglomerate it has become and move into a tool that consumers use to plan their future. Will it become a part of your advertising budget?